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Will Hays Joins True North As Research Project Manager
Saturday July 1st, 2006

True North is dedicated to changing health care in America in part through its research activities. You may be familiar with our DYNA-SF 36 (which stands for dynamic, short form with 36 questions) study which tracks outcomes assessments at True North. Joe Semmes, MD, our Director of Research has been quite busy with it and with creating and operationalizing a study on Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Depression – so we got him some help!

Will Hays comes to us from Texas, where he left the hot weather of Houston to live and play in Maine. We are lucky to have him working with us, not only on our research program, but also as part of the Drug/Supplement Interaction Program (to learn more about the Drug/Supplement Interaction Program see our website). Will’s job will be to work in conjunction with the Director of Research to direct the outcomes research process and contribute to an improved national understanding of integrative medicine. Welcome Will!

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