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Welcome to the August 2006True North Tune- Up. We continue to emphasize “up- stream” strategies for health in the areas of nutrition, mind-body, and lifestyle. The studies are from peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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B. Joseph Semmes, MD
Director of Research, True North
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine

Pomegranate juice appears to slow prostate cancer.

This high quality study from UCLA looked at 48 men who had been treated for prostate cancer and had recurrence of disease. Eight ounces of Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice daily significantly slowed the rise of PSA,  a cell marker of prostate cancer activity.

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Physical activity, weight loss and dietary choices convincingly reduce glucose levels and the incidence of diabetes.
A succinct analysis by Bandolier (a favorite evidence-based medicine group at Oxford University, UK) looked at nine published studies about lifestyle interventions and diabetes. The graphs are at first glance complicated, but nifty in that each circle corresponds to the number of people in the study and the further they are located to the lower right, away from the diagonal line, the more favorable the results. Over 10 years, one cuts the risk of developing diabetes in half by ”eating fruits and vegetables, having a good walk and perhaps enjoying a nice glass of wine when you get back.”

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Acupuncture helps patients with chronic neck pain.
Treatment with acupuncture in addition to routine care was significantly better at reducing pain among 14,000 Germans with neck pain for longer than six months.

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Acupuncture cost an additional $100 per month.

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Large National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine-funded study found glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate little help in knee osteoarthritis.
Over 20 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis; and Americans spent $730 million in 2004 on these products. Over 1500 people were studied. Overall, there were no differences between the supplements and placebo, though a small group with moderate to severe pain did get significant relief. The group was so small that the results are considered preliminary.

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