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Welcome to the September 2007 issue of True North's Tune-Up. We continue to emphasize “up stream” strategies for health in the areas of nutrition, mind-body, and lifestyle. The studies are from peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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B. Joseph Semmes, MD
Director of Research, True North
Diplomate, American Boards of Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine (ABIM) and Emergency Medicine

Tai Chi improves immune function and quality of life in older adults.

Tai chi, a practice of slow graceful movement, improved the immune response to the varicella vaccine, a form of the virus that causes chickenpox and painful shingles in older, especially immunosuppressed, adults. Those who practiced Tai Chi also scored significantly higher in physical and mental quality of life surveys. (The valid survey used in the study is an earlier version of the patient tracking tool used at True North for the last few years.)

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Turmeric may prevent or treat Alzheimer’s.

Turmeric, the spice in curry and mustards, appears to improve the immune clearance of the “sticky” plaques that accumulate abnormally in Alzheimer’s dementia.

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An earlier study showed improved mental activity in non-demented elderly who  consumed more turmeric.

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Vitamin D lowers rectal and colon cancer risk.

Blood levels of Vitamin D appear to protect against the development of rectal cancer in a large Japanese study.

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In the Nurses’ study, another large population followed by Harvard Medical School scientists, low levels of Vitamin D appear to increase the risk of colon cancer.

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CoQ10 may prevent headaches.

Three studies reviewed by our evidence-based medicine experts at Oxford University in the U.K. Half of the frequent migraine sufferers were able to reduce the frequency of headaches by 50% when they took 300mg per day of the supplement CoQ10.

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