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Drug/Supplement Interaction Assessment

The Drug and Supplement Interaction Assessment is designed to help you determine the safety and potential adverse interactions between the drugs and supplements you take. Today, people take both pharmaceutical drugs and supplements to enhance their health. Many health care providers know one area well, but not the other. We offer this assessment not only for the benefit of our patients, but also to assist our professional colleagues.

Peter Knight, ND, is a naturopathic doctor with advanced knowledge of biochemistry and extensive training in the use of supplements. Dr. Knight’s analytical skills and his ability to synthesize and communicate the results of this screening are what make this assessment unique. Read Dr. Knight's full bio.

If you have any questions about these programs and whether or not they are right for you, Dr. Knight would be happy to discuss them with you. Please call True North at 207-781-4488 to schedule an appointment, get rate information, or talk with Dr. Knight.

How It Works
When you come in for your Drug and Supplement Interaction Assessment appointment please bring all the drugs, supplements, pills, powders and capsules you are currently taking.  In your initial consultation, Dr. Knight will review your drug and supplement regimen in detail.

After the in-person meeting, Dr. Knight will analyze, catalogue and synthesize your data and review the results with you (the follow-up visit can be conducted in-person or by telephone). He will also provide you with the necessary information so that you may share the results with your health care provider. Should you add supplements or drugs to your regimen after your initial consultation, your profile can be updated for an additional fee.

We offer two levels of the drug and supplement assessment at True North.

Level 1
Your regimen of drugs and supplements will be reviewed and analyzed using the latest research and software to determine:

  • Possible health hazards from your current drug and supplement regimen
  • Potential improvements to your regimen
  • Useful information on when and how to take your drugs and supplements to help you achieve maximum health benefits

Level 2
In addition to the Level 1 screening, you will also take the Detoxigenomic Profile; a sophisticated lab test that will help further analyze your drug and supplement interactions by factoring in your particular genetic individuality.  The Detoxigenomic Profile gives you information about your individual genetic code and your body’s unique ability to metabolize particular drugs and supplements. This is exceptionally helpful information for people taking several different types of drugs at the same time.

If you choose the Level 2 option, which includes the Detoxigenomic Profile, we will arrange for laboratory testing at your initial appointment. Dr. Knight will use the results of the Detoxigenomic Profile to offer a more advanced analysis of your drug-supplement interaction.

Your Results
The results of your Drug and Supplement Interaction Assessment will be presented in two ways:

  • a letter that summarizes Dr. Knight’s analysis and
  • a detailed listing of the interactions between the drugs and supplements you are taking.

The report will also include supporting scientific references. Along with reviewing these yourself, at your request, Dr. Knight can also provide a copy of your report directly to your health care provider.

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